Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others,

or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.

Robert F. Kennedy 1925-1968

Federal Public Defender

District of Delaware

800 King Street

Suite 200

Wilmington, DE  19801

Office (302) 573-6010

Toll Free (877) 444-8244

Fax (302) 573-6041

Federal Defender Staff

Traditional Unit

Legal Staff


Edson A. Bostic (Defender)

Dina Chavar

Tieffa N. Harper

Eleni Kousoulis

Daniel I. Siegel


Robert Donovan


Kali Sudler

Legal Assistants

Lisa Ramos
Shannon Xarhoulakos

Capital Habeas Unit

Legal Staff


Karl Schwartz (Chief)

Banafsheh Amirzadeh

Laura Berg

Tiffani Hurst

Stefanie McArdle

Jenny Osborne

Mitigation Specialists

Megan Leschak

Ana Mazariegos

Annie Ruhnke


DJ Siegel

Krista Smith


Administrative Staff

Administrative Officer

Rhonda Bowman

Executive Secretary                         Computer Systems Administrator

Sue Bailor                                                    Andy Marek